Sweet Marlays' Coffee and Fitness Blogging?


I like coffee.  Even more, I like neighborhood coffee shops. 

Sweet Marlays Coffee

When I need to get away and get some fitness blogging done, I always head to Sweet Marlay's Coffee.  Not only do I get great coffee and a lot of work done, there are also several other "perks" (sorry for the bad pun) as well...


Sweet Marlays Coffee & Friends

Sweet Marlays' Coffee
Just the TV show "Cheers", there's almost always someone there that you know. There's the regulars like Tom Bell from Wayne's Solar, who's always hard at work on his laptop or with a client.  

If you spend any time at all in Sweet Marlays', you're sure to run into Brenda O'Donnell, a yoga instructor and a life coach.  Brenda is always energetic and friendly...even before the coffee!  (I'm much better at "friendly" after.)

Sweet Marlays Coffee & Tourists

Besides all of the regulars at Sweet Marlays' Coffee that you already know, you're sure to meet someone new.  Many visitors to our fair city of Daytona Beach come by as well.  Some even give Sweet Marlays' Coffeesweet review on their blog.


Sweet Marlays Coffee & Your Health

Science has certainly been good to coffee in recent years.  There's an increasing amount of research that shows that coffee drinkers, compared to non-coffee drinkers, are less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's and dementia.  Coffee drinkers also have fewer cases of certain types of cancer, heart rhythm disorders, and strokes.

Sweet Marlays Coffee & Science Cafe

In addition to all of those benefits, there's also the Daytona Beach Science Cafe at Sweet Marlays'.  You want to learn a little science and have a bit of fun?  Then show up at Sweet Marlays' Coffee at 6:30 pm on the third Thursday of each month.

Sweet Marlays Coffee & Fitness Blogging

Finally, there's me with my iced coffee working on my fitness blog.  Since Sweet Marlay's Coffee is only a few minutes from home, it's my getaway of choice.  In between clients or group personal training classes, you'll find me at "my" table working frantically.  Sometimes I'm writing about overcoming your fitness excuses or answering the question "Why is fitness so hard?"

Time for me to wrap it up...my iced coffee is almost gone.  See you soon at Sweet Marlay's Coffee!

Sweet Marlays' Coffee
214 South Beach Street, Daytona Beach, Fl 32114

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