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Surfside Nutrition - Smoothies in the Shores


ThSurfside Nutritionere are lots of great things about living on beachside in the Daytona area.  One of the few drawbacks has been the lack of fitness and nutrition businesses on this side of the bridges.  Have you ever been in a hurry, needed something to eat on the go, but did not want another burger & fries?  Since moving to beachside three years ago I've been dismayed by the lack of quick, healthy options.  But not anymore!

Just a couple of weeks ago I was driving in Daytona Beach Shores and I noticed a new sign on A1A.  It was a bright green sign that read "Surfside Nutrition".  I was out running some errands, but had a few minutes so I decided to check it out.

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Surfside Nutrition - Relaxed Atmosphere

  Coming inside I met Brian Smith and was surprised by the relaxed atmosphere of the place.  I thought I'd see rows and rows of pills andSurfside nutrition powders along the walls.  With the couches and tables it felt more like a coffee shop than a "vitamin store."  One of my first thoughts was that I could bring my laptop in here and get some work done.  (When you have two toddlers at home sometimes you have to get away to get any work done!!)

Surfside Nutrition - Tasty Shakes

At first I wasn't going to order a shake because I was in a bit of a hurry to get to my next personal training client.  But then I remembered that it was time for a meal so I ordered up a large shake called wild berry.  It tasted really good and hit the spot!

Surfside Nutrition in Daytona Beach Shores

So, if you're looking for a quick, healthy alternative to fast food stop by Surfside Nutrition and try one of the shakes.  The address is 3174 South Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach Shores.


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Daytona Trainer at surfside nutrition

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