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By now everyone---and I mean everyone---in Daytona Beach knows that there many good reasons to ditch the excuses and participate in a regular fitness program.  But when asked point blank, do you know the reasons why?  If you're working with a personal trainer in Daytona Beach, Fl are you aware of all of the health benefits?

Here's a quick rundown...


Top Benefits of Personal Fitness Training

Daytona Personal Training Benefit #1 - Healthy Body Composition

Daytona Beach training for healthy bodyfat

Having a healthy body composition means a lower body fat reading.  Being in a proper fitness program with a Daytona Beach personal trainer doesn't just mean weight loss, it means fat loss.  Ideal body composition ranges for women are 20 to 24 percent fat, and ideal body composition ranges for men are 12 to 16 percent fat.  While you may prefer to be slightly above or below these recommended ranges, they most certainly represent good goals and excellent measures of success.


Daytona Personal Training Benefit #2 - Increased Muscular Strength

Personal training in Daytona Beach

Muscle strength is the most basic measure of your physical fitness.  Living in such a modernized and mechanized society, you seldom recognize the importance of a strong, functional musculoskeletal system.  Not only do strong muscles play a major role in daily activities (sports, recreation, work), but they also help protect you against a variety of injuries and degenerative diseases.

Daytona Personal Training Benefit #3 - Improved Blood Glucose Uptake

Exercise lowers the risk of developing diabetes by 30-40%.  Apparently, strength trained muscles enhance glucose uptake from the blood, which lessens the likelihood of diabetic conditions.

Daytona Personal Training Benefit #4 - Decreased Back Pain & Arthritis

Daytona Beach Personal fitness training helps reduce back painAfter turning 40, more people experience lower back pain and arthritic discomfort than most other physical ailments combined!  Fortunately for you, these pervasive problems respond positively to a functional fitness program.


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