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"There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation."  - W. C. Fields 

Fitness training with bulls

Want to carry a bull on your shoulders?  There’s an old Greek story about Milo of Croton who did just that.  The thing is he started small---with a bull calf---and lifted him every day. Every morning the calf weighed just a bit more than the previous one.  As the calf grew, so did Milo’s strength until he was carrying a fully grown bull across his shoulders.

You may not want to carry a bull on your way to the mailbox, but feeling younger and getting stronger is a realistic option.  The question is - How do you want to age?


Activities Don't Build Vitality  
While Daytona Beach’s 50+ crowd is more active than ever --- walking, golfing, playing tennis, and dancing---their loss of muscle strength continues to be both dangerous and unnecessary. While activities are a great way to improve your overall health and well-being, our Daytona personal trainers know that strength training is the only surefire way to increase functional capacity.

Small group personal trainingWhile more and more research is being churned out by top universities on the benefits of 50+ strength training, the number of actual participants remains agonizingly low.   Numerous studies have shown that strength training improves flexibility & balance, reduces the likelihood of falls, increases bone density, reduces back pain & arthritis and helps regulate blood glucose. Research has shown that sedentary people decline twice as fast as their active counterparts.  Yet most people still refuse to drink from this virtual fountain of youth.

Exercise and agingIf you’re over 50 and NOT strength training, then time is against you.  Biology is against you.  Age plus inactivity equals… very bad things

People lose 30% of their muscle strength between the ages of 50 and 70 years.  Your bones begin turning to chalk.  A flight of stairs becomes Kilimanjaro.  You wake up with aches & pains and you go to sleep with aches & pains.  Like golfing legend Jack Nicklaus said, “The older you get, the stronger the wind gets, and it is always in your face.”

What’s needed is strength training.  Think dumbbells.  Think bodyweight squats.  Presses and curls. It’s time for you to move some serious weight.  Find a gym, join a Y, get a local personal trainer or workout buddy.  Time is against you so resolve to do something today.

With strength training something is always better than nothing.  And that’s no bull.

>>Learn More About Our Group Personal Training<<


Have you heard about small group personal training?  In a nutshell, it's more economical than traditional 1-on-1 training (only $15/session), and it's way more personalized than a big, cheap boot camp.  

Each group maxes out at 8 you're never just a face in a crowd!  

Small group fitness trainingIf you've visited a Curves, then you're familiar with circuit training.  Our small group training class operates as an upbeat session of circuit training with an ever-changing combination of bands, balls, benches, dumbbells, suspension training, and clunky, non-functional machines here!  

New exercises are constantly being introduced so that your body is challenged in a fun, exciting way.  You'll sweat.  You'll laugh.  You'll lose weight & gain friends! 

>>>Learn about your Fitness Through The Decades of Life<<<

personal training in Daytona Beach ShoresIf you're reading this, then you know that now is the time to lose weight and feel younger, leaner & stronger.  Our small group training is adaptable for your particular needs and will always include a combination of:

   - Metabolic Conditioning
   - Strength Training
   - Weight Loss
   - Corrective Exercise
   - Balance Training and more...

Right now, we have 2 beachside locations for Small Group Personal Training with a third group starting soon at The Casements in Ormond Beach.  By late September/early October we'll be starting a fourth group in Port Orange.  If you're interested in any of these groups, contact us today and we'll get you started with a fitness assessment and the first week of training for free!

group personal training daytona

So what do you do now?

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