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Healthy Weight Loss...Without Starving Yourself

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If you've got stubborn body fat that you'd like to lose, then here's an event you don't want to miss.

Those of you who follow my blog know that my passion is functional fitness - keeping the body ready for tennis, yard work, kids...and grandkids!

But this past November I met Ormond Beach internist, Dr. Dimayuga...and he is definitely the local expert on weight loss.  Healthy weight loss.  

He's the real deal.

No syringes.  No surgeries.  No starvation.

Perhaps you've seen his kiosk (below) in the Volusia Mall.

Weight loss display in mall 

I'm a fitness guy.  I think moving heavy weights around is fun.  (And I get it that most people don't think that's fun.)

But if you're the kind of person who'd rather lose 20 or so lbs first, and then join a gym...you should definitely learn more about Dr. Dimayuga's program.

Acupunture in Port OrangeHe'll be speaking in Port Orange with Dr. Laura Connolly of Natural Healthcare Physicians.  Come and learn some great new tips for regaining control of your weight!

weight loss and acupuncture

Key components of the program

Program has been Physician designed and tested
This guy knows what works and what doesn't.  He'll guide you through any  pitfalls you encounter along the way.  Trust me, he's seen them all.    

Weekly Coaching & Accountability
Nothing will keep you on track like weekly coaching and accountability.

Individualized Goal Setting
Everyone's starting point is different and your program will reflect that.  Do you have diabetes?  Or maybe you're perimenopausal?  Your program will always be individualized.

Body Fat Testing
You won't be just losing weight, you'll be losing fat.  And you'll see the numbers drop every week for yourself.

Food Diary
Not only will you learn how to track your healthy choices, you'll have expert guidance to show how you can improve week after week.

Grocery Shopping List
Success really begins with the lowly grocery buggy.  Learn how to treat it right and it will be your most powerful weight loss ally for years.

No Prepackaged Food
Almost all "weight loss foods" come in a box...and taste like a box.  Dr. Dimayuaga won't feed that stuff to you, I promise.

All Natural, Homeopathic Supplements
Natural is good.  The average American puts enough man-made, pharmaceutical grade chemicals in his stomach already...and I'm still talking about the grocery buggy!

No Contracts
The program is comprised of 28 day periods.  Unlike most gyms in the area, you can walk away anytime.  No hassles, no obligations. Ever.

Absolutely No Drugs or Shots of Any Kind
As a health conscious personal trainer, this is my favorite.

He makes it easy to get you started.  To reserve your seat just fill out the form below.  (If you'd like a reminder call on Tuesday, then add your phone number.)

Are you ready to get control of your weight again?  And don't you want a program that is testedproven and gets results?  He's got all the tools you'll need...we just need to get them in your hands.



If you decide to try Dr. Dimayuga's program, I will give you one month of Group Personal Training...absolutely free.  If you're trusting my recommendation of Dr. Dimayuga's program, then I'm willing to give you free fitness training ($80 value).  This is my way of eliminating your risk...and backing up something that I've recommended.


Fill out the form above and I'll immediately send you a copy of "Your Guide To Looking Younger and Younger".  It's chock full of tips and easy-to-implement practical advice...and it will go straight to the email you enter above.


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