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If you’re clicking on this post this you’ve probably asked yourself, “how can I find a good personal trainer in my area?”  With so many options---gym or home, private or small group, bodybuilding background or exercise science degree---it's easy to get confused in your search.  Looking for a personal trainer in Daytona Beach area may take a little time, but if you do it right you'll be happy with who you find!  As always when searching for a personal trainer, do your due diligence.  Here’s a few quick tips on how to...

Find The Best Personal Trainer For You


By Knowing Your Goals

Know what your goals are before contacting a personal trainer.  Are you primarily looking to lose weight, increase your bone density, strengthen a recently rehabbed right shoulder, or add some "pop" to your golf drive?  Those are 4 totally different training goals.  And that's how you decide who to hire.

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Most personal trainers have 2 or 3 areas of specialty.  Ignore the ones that list something like 10 specialties...that's a sure sign they have no specialties.

With the amount of trainers out there, I'm sure there's one out there that specializes in people just like you. 

Look for one that matches your goals.


By Looking for Formal Education

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When trying to find a personal trainer, one of the top things to look for is formal education.  In 2002, a study was done on the knowledge level of real life personal trainers.  115 personal trainers were tested on the Fitness Instructors Knowledge Assesssment (FIKA) which measures knowledge in nutrition, health screening, testing protocols, exercise prescription, and special populations.  A few of interesting facts were discovered:

  • 70% of those surveyed did not have a degree in any field related to exercise science.
  • Those who did not have a bachelor's degree in exercise science-related field scored 31% less on average than those with a bachelor’s degree or higher in the field.
  • Years of experience was not found to be predictive of personal trainer knowledge

Personal Training and kinesiologyFrom a personal perspective, I can tell you that college is where I learned how to learn.  I've always enjoyed learning new things, but it was kinesiology classes at the University of Georgia where I learned how to read research journals.  It was an internship with the strength coach at the University of Memphis where I saw real world applications.  Everything I've learned since then has been added onto that foundational base that I learned in college.

By Looking for Likability

Do you like them? This is an often overlooked part of trying to find a trainer.  If this person becomes your in-home personal trainer you’re  going to be spending lots and lots of time with them.  Did I mention that they’re going to be in your home?!?

Trust your gut on this one.  If they immediately put you at ease, you’ve got a winner.  If something doesn’t quite feel right, then move on quickly.  You’ll be glad you did.

I hope this post has helped you with the question, "How can I find a personal trainer in my area?"  If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way, give us a call at (386) 295-3639.

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Have you heard about group personal training?  In a nutshell, it's more economical than traditional 1-on-1 training (only $15/session), and it's way more personalized than a big, cheap boot camp.  

Each group has between 3-10 you're never just a face in a crowd!  

Small group fitness trainingIf you've visited a Curves, then you're familiar with circuit training.  Our small group training class operates as an upbeat session of circuit training with an ever-changing combination of bands, balls, benches, dumbbells, suspension training, and clunky, non-functional machines here!  

New exercises are constantly being introduced so that your body is challenged in a fun, exciting way.  You'll sweat.  You'll laugh.  You'll lose weight & gain friends! 

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personal training in Daytona Beach ShoresIf you're reading this, then you know that now is the time to lose weight and feel younger, leaner & stronger.  Our small group training is adaptable for your particular needs and will always include a combination of:

   - Metabolic Conditioning
   - Strength Training
   - Weight Loss
   - Corrective Exercise
   - Balance Training and more...


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