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Discover a lean, energized, healthier you in just a few short weeks!  Younger You Fitness is a results driven fitness and fat loss workout program that includes motivation, accountability and expertly designed resistance training…all designed to quickly get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.

If you live in Port Orange, Fl  and are trying to find a Port Orange personal trainer then call Younger You Fitness at (386) 295-3639.  

Port Orange personal trainer
Your training program will be personalized 
for your needs:
     - metabolic conditioning
     - weight loss
     - corrective exercise
     - balance training
     - injury prevention 
     - overall strengthening                        

Whatever condition you're starting from, we'll meet you there and get you going in the right direction---safely & efficiently!

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Port Orange Personal Trainer That Comes To Your Gym

Port Orange fitness trainerIf you're already a member of an Port Orange gym, but haven't found a personal trainer that you're satisfied with give us a call at (386) 295-3639.  Many gyms will allow an independent personal trainer to come in, provided that arrangements are worked out beforehand.

Port Orange Personal Trainer That Comes To Your Home

If you're not interested in joining an Port Orange Gym, but you still want to make changes in your health & fitness, there's another option.  Invite up to 4 others (family members, neighbors and friends) over to your house for a small group training session with a certified personal trainer.  The more friends you have, the more affordable it is for everyone.

Small Group Personal Training takes all of the functional fitness of the one-on-one training and adds the energy, friendship and social support of group fitness.

Our trainers at Younger You Fitness can meet you wherever you are:  at home, at work, in a park.  Don't worry - we'll bring everything you'll need (benches, bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, BOSU, mats, etc.)  

Port Orange Personal Training That Is Functional

Port Orange Circuit trainingThe Port Orange fitness training routines at Younger You Fitness are no-nonsense, practical programs.  Our training involves multiple types of fitness equipment:  dumbbells, versa discs, incline benches, resistance bands, suspension training, medicine balls, stability balls, Bosu and of course, your own bodyweight.  The diverse equipment allows the trainer to lead you through resistance exercises, balance training, corrective exercises, core training and metabolic circuits.

Port Orange Personal Training That People Are Talking About

 BonPort Orange fl personal training clientnie Schillinger, publisher of Seniors Today Magazine

 “Since I’m now in the 50-plus age group I appreciate having a personal trainer that specializes in training for that age group.  I appreciate his mild mannered disposition which allows me to have a pleasant, productive workout without a ‘drill sergeant’ atmosphere.  I would not hesitate to recommend Heath to anyone seeking a personal trainer.”

Albert APort Orange fl personal training clientldo, 
Past President of Oceans Grand Condominiums Board

 “Heath has done an excellent job as a coach and personal trainer.  He has worked at my pace and has shown me how to exercise properly and safely and has kept me  motivated.  If you're considering a personal trainer, I would highly recommend Heath to anyone who is looking for positive results from their workouts.”

weight loss with Port Orange fl personal trainerCarole Weidemiller, Daytona Beach Shores Culture and Entertainment Board

“When my doctor suggested I begin a Wellness Plan (aka diet), I dropped some extra pounds quickly, and while I was so pleased with my progress, my doctor didn’t share my enthusiasm.  Her concern was that her tests indicated I had been losing lean body mass as opposed to fat.  With Heath’s instruction I worked to regain muscle mass, lose fat and become more fit.  After hiring Heath as my personal trainer for the past several weeks, my doctor informed me that my ratio of body fat to lean body mass is now within a healthy range.  Lifting weights has never been an activity that I have enjoyed, but Heath is a very personable and knowledgeable young man who makes training not only bearable but pleasurable as well.  I highly recommend Heath Barrow as your personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.”   

Port Orange fl personal training clientAnn LaCute, owner of Seeley Medical

“I took advantage of a trial offer in order to see if I was comfortable with having a trainer in my home that I unfamiliar with and of course to see what type of training style Heath provided. I am 59 years old, somewhat familiar with "working out", but could never consistently do strength training on my own. Knowing that my personal trainer (Heath)would be coming to train me has kept me on track and I found his style to be sensitive to my ‘aches and pains’ as well as providing me a great workout.   As I age, gracefully, I know I can go for walks, ride my bike and swim, but adding the strength training has made a difference in my ability to continue to keep up my bone health and agility.”

Personal fitness training with MaryLouise EnglishMaryLouise English
"I'm a 60-year-old woman in good health and a long-time home exerciser, but my strength and balance were declining. I've been working with Heath twice a week for about six months now and it's made a huge difference in my posture, balance, stamina and overall strength.  We use a lot of strength training equipment - dumbbells, bands, suspension straps, stability ball & bosu ball.  Heath customizes the workout to your individual abilities. There's no pressure, just continued improvements in energy, strength & well-being. Highly recommended!"

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Personal Trainer Port OrangeBest wishes for your health and fitness goals,

Head Trainer, Younger You Fitness
Daytona Beach, Florida


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